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My sisters birthday cake

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"ur bra strap is showing" u say

children begin to scream

tears r streaming down my face

my parents disown me and sell me to a shady, moustached man for three goats

no one can ever kno i wear a bra

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TOP 10 BOY MEETS WORLD SHIPS (as voted by my followers):

► 04. Shawn Hunter and Angela Moore

"I haven’t had a lot of good things in my life that really belong to me. So when they come along, I want to do my best to protect them and hold on to them. I’m not going to let anything bad happen to this relationship."

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Behold, a 120+ year old rhododendron

They rarely grow into anything larger than a shrub, yet alone a tree! 

Why does this not have more notes??

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Animal firsts!

Shakespeare was not prepared at all


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My little sister took a picture of my older sister taking a picture of me taking a picture of my mom taking a selfie

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My sister gives more of a shit about Supernatural than she ever has about me.

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attention ppl i remember the original caption this is not a bird shaped cloud a bird flew into this window and it kind of just…left a mark …in case anyone was wondering

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Parenthood defined

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this is the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper



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hey everyone, lets talk about how syphilis didnt appear in Europe till after Christopher Columbus came back from America but didnt exist in people from the Americas either until then. lets talk about how the only animals syphilis was found in before then were llamas.

no im not kidding we need to talk about this

#moment of horrified silence

are you trying to say christopher columbus had sex with a llama


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what if nipples changed color depending on your mood

What if they glow blue when orcs are near?

maybe they do, I mean when have you and an orc been in the same room?